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"This makes me want to cry with delight."

7-year old fan of Sipping Dreams


"Sipping Dreams is the perfect name for this decadently delicious and soul-warming abundance of flavor.  Curl up with a cup of this, a good book, and you'll not want to wake from your made-in-heaven chocolate dream!"

Carolyn, owner, Sage Bookstore, Shelton, WA.


"Direct from Heaven!"

Steve, Barbur World Foods, Portland, OR.


"Taken from the European tradition of rich drinking chocolate, this full-bodied treat is a little taste of heaven. Made in Oregon, each Sipping Dreams bar makes four servings of the finest chocolate indulgence youll find this side of the Atlantic."

Alexa, Knit Purl, Portland, OR.


“If you can’t get to Angelina’s in Paris to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, we recommend Sipping Dreams Drinking Chocolate.” 

Chocolate by the Bay
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Sipping Dreams Drinking Chocolate

Have you ever considered how Europeans prepare hot chocolate? You can be sure it’s not by ripping open a packet of Swiss Miss. In this country, unfortunately, the powdered hot cocoa is mostly sugar. The first ingredient in Sipping Dreams bars is 72 percent dark chocolate made by Guittard, the oldest chocolate-making family in the country. Sipping Dreams is a local, family owned business that began sharing the joy of rich and creamy drinking chocolate in late 2008. All you have to do is unwrap the bar and melt it in a saucepan with milk for real hot chocolate the way hot chocolate used to be, and should be, made.

Vanessa Salvia


"When have I ever experienced a drinking chocolate like that of Sipping Dreams?  Not ever.  I've been working with chocolate for 20 years, and I've been eating and drinking it for much longer than that.  And now, finally, I can say that I've been to a London Chocolate House, if only in my mind, and by my taste buds.  The Drinking Chocolate that Sipping Dreams makes is luscious, smooth, and rich.  While other drinking chocolates are heavy and coagulated or watery and tasteless, this drinking chocolate is just fluid enough to feel like a perfect drinkable treat, that's not too thick, and not too thin.  It's just right.  This drinking chocolate is easy to make at home, it's tasty, it has depth, it goes down easily, and it satisfies.  Because Sipping Dreams uses real chocolate, and not just cocoa powder, the drink delivers a true chocolate experience.  When something tastes this good, and looks and smells just as sweet and warm and inviting as its taste, who could possibly resist?  Not this chocolate lover!  I am confident that this product will continue to see much success among consumers and within the chocolate industry, and it won't be long before families and friends are doing more and more of what Sipping Dreams wants them to do:  Sharing in the sweetness of life, one cup at a time."

Marna Reinhardt
Consultant, Chocolatier and Food Product Developer
Owner of Sipping Dreams, Rogue Valley Kitchen, and Flavor to the People

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