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Chocolate. There is no doubt that chocolate makes people happy. Whether it is used for baking, cooking, eating, or drinking, chocolate has a way of helping us be mindful in and of the present moment, of tapping into our best inner selves, of bringing out the love within us, and of joining people together.

Marna Reinhardt, the owner of Sipping Dreams, has been a professional chocolatier for nearly 26 years. While the company was originally founded by another couple, whose love was sealed by chocolate, Marna's story of chocolate romance is no different. Together, with Bruce Reinhardt (Marna's husband who passed away in December of 2012) they worked in some of the best chocolate companies in the nation. Marna has held nearly every position in the chocolate industry, including packaging, pouring, quality assurance, new product development, human resources, head chocolatier and trainer, and CEO. And through every experience, Marna's life-long entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to be innovative in the creation and artful manufacturing of hundreds of high-end, distinctive chocolate products. Now, as the sole woman owner of Sipping Dreams, she is able to build on her relentless passion for unique and wonderful flavor combinations, that are keenly executed, in the form of drinking chocolate. Marna has found that chocolate is a rich and versatile medium through which to explore and experience the world of flavor. She hopes you enjoy, every last sip, and that you feel the love of chocolate in your veins such that you are inspired to be good, do good, and feel good. Share the love...and PASS THE CHOCOLATE!

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